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Thermal Labels for Amazon Sellers

AZLabels saves Amazon Sellers thousands of hours every month with instant prints of FNSKU and shipping labels directly to any thermal printer.

Released in early 2017, AZLabels is the leading solution for Amazon Sellers printing via thermal printers.

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Management Suite for Prep Centers

PrepBusiness is a comprehensive software package to manage a prep center (a 3PL company catered to the needs of Amazon Sellers). PrepBusiness allows a company to expand their prep center by offering faster turnaround times and lower defect rates than any of their competitors.

Created in late 2018, PrepBusiness is the only commercial inventory management solution for Amazon prep centers.

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Jasara Technology

Efficient • Practical • Accessible

Jasara Technology was founded in late 2018 by Keith Brink, due to the growth of the software companies which he had created through 2017 and 2018. Jasara owns and manages a portfolio of software companies in the eCommerce space.

Jasara's particular focus is taking a complex task and making it efficient and a delight to perform for the end user. Well-crafted software can not only improve a company's bottom line but also make every employee happier to work there.

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